Gabby The Laughing Gull


I first met Gabby in 2010. I had no idea that ten years later he would find me  and spend time with me on the secluded beach I would go to every July. I actually missed three years but he still finds me. I started writing his story a while back but I had a person discourage me telling me it was ridiculous. Through the years I have taken  many videos and photos of our connection. This year, 2019, Gabby really did more than he has ever done before with me and people on the island actually saw how he connects with me.  There has to be a reason he follows me on the beach and finds me every year I go there. It is not every day a person has a laughing gull adopt them so I am writing my children's book about this experience. Above is the very first photo that I took of him in 2010. 


I am hoping to use Gabby to teach children the importance of respecting gulls on the beach as well as other sea life. 


I will be posting updates on my book here and will be taking pre orders as well. And of course I will be illustrating it with my watercolors I used years ago through a child's eyes. . 


For the purpose of the book I have changed his name to Gabby. Gabbiano is Italian for seagull. His name is really Tweety bird but for legal reasons I renamed him Gabby for my book. 


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