My one woman art show June 15th was a huge success. I wish to thank Summer at JJill in Johnson City, TN for giving me this opportunity to show my work in this area. She was so gracious and should be commended for her hard work to do this. She provided delicious refreshments and helped me setting up and during the show. The lighting in her shop was superb to show my colors too.  I never turn down a chance to show my art and this was a brand new avenue. She is supporting local artists and we are planning another one in October. Please check back later as I will have lots of photos to show just how well this even went. 


One of the best moments of my show was when my fur baby rescues' Vet, Dr. Hyatt walked in the door. I sent him a personal letter of invitation and he got it at the last moment and he came. He was Shiloh's Dr and helped me when she was diagnosed with lung cancer suddenly. I cannot tell you how many times he has helped me since I first met him in 1990 with all of my babies. He is truly the nicest person and I was really happy he got to see my art. 

Incredible Towns - Tri-Cities TN/VA 

Incredible Towns

"Kym is an inspiration, as are her paintings. We are proud to support her and her art and are happy she found us through our Incredible Business Networking events."

Summer was so kind to make these refreshments for those who came to the show. 

I was really surprised that the lighting in the shop really did well to show the colors in my oil paintings. 


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