Artist statement


My life has been surrounded by rescues. I have rescued many kitties and also taken several dogs in to my home. In my studio for several years I painted with a feline leukemia kitty, Baby, at my feet. Then little Grey, my diabetic feral rescue took over along with Shiloh, my beagle mix rescue. Now I have my most recent rescue, little Chelsea. They say who you surround yourself with is who you become. I guess the fur babies who have been in my life have helped to make me the artist that I am today. They have always been there with me. 

Having an eye that sees deeper than some I like to use that and paint detail. And my oils have allowed me to paint those deep colors that make a painting pop. 

I am concerned about the chemicals that are in the mediums for oils. I use the old fashioned method, never using cadmiums or cobalts, fast or slow dry mediums and I use safe cleaners, walnut oils and oil of spike lavender which makes the studio smell really nice. I chose walnut based oils that dry slower than linseed oils and they do not yellow as badly. 

My oils are painted on linen, the most recent ones are strictly on portrait linen. I never use cotton. The smaller ones are stretched with deep gallery strips and the larger ones have linen mounted on birch plywood with acid free glue. That is then mounted to stretcher strips so that the gallery wrap can be painted so there is never any need for a frame. 

My paintings are a reflection of my life. I try to project positive things and in the end it shows in that final painting. 


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