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Hi and welcome to my about page. I am Kym. I have been an artist all of my life. Since you are here on this page I suppose you want to read about me and not my art. I grew up in a small town and was a really good student. I was not one of what you would call the "popular" girls. I just studied and always had some sort of art project going. I studied art in school and was fortunate to have one of the best teachers in high school. I skipped my senior year in high school. I would not recommend that to anyone. 

But even before high school and as a little girl I loved animals, especially cats. I was the one who would find the stray and set it on the step outside of the house hoping that I could keep it. They were not allowed in the house but I made sure they were taken care of outside. That love for animals would carry me through many difficult times in my life. After high school, I went on to college where I got my degree in art education. I wanted to be a teacher. But after college and no art positions opening up I became an artist, so that is what I am today. 

Now my husband and I live in a small town where I have adopted and rescued many kitties and several dogs. I love to cook and am a vegan, organic, and grain-free cook. I never eat anything out and am very particular about what I eat. 

I love to do the hula. But I don't do it as other people do. I dance and walk. It is a great workout. 

One of the joys I have here is my azalea path. I have encore azaleas I planted many years ago. They bloom in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. They were very small when I first planted them. That is me standing in them last summer. They are over my head now! The flowers that you see on my site are from my own flower garden. 


And I love the beach. Each year I try to go to my favorite secluded beach. It gives me a break from everything and I take some great photos for my seascape paintings. I even have a resident laughing gull who visits me every year. Yes you would have to see this to believe it and the locals there have seen him follow me around and what he does. I have named him "Tweety". 

A tragic accident took me away from my art in 2011. And when I was finally strong enough to come back I realized that I needed a fresh start. I did not want to look back. I only wanted to look forward. I switched from watercolors I had painted for years to painting oils. I am lucky I am still here and with my rescues and my healthy lifestyle and my love of art I will go on. 

"Finding light in your life after you have been thrust into darkness can bring out the best in you. The best in me is yet to come!" 


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